University of Calgary Hiring a Special Projects Coordinator: Position Available Apply Now

  • Company: University of Calgary
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Education Level: Master
  • Experience: 2 Years
  • Job Type: Teaching

As a devoted professional dogging to grow your career, you understand the significance of chancing the right occasion to work your experience and chops. An instigative new position as Special systems fellow at the University of Calgary may be the perfect coming step in your trip. The University of Calgary is one of Canada’s top comprehensive exploration universities, with over 31,000 scholars and a character for excellence on a global scale.


In this part, you would work directly with the Associate Vice-President, Research at the University to give leadership and collaboration for strategic exploration enterprise and hookups. crucial liabilities include developing design plans, managing budgets, erecting connections with internal and external stakeholders, and icing the successful prosecution of crucial systems. This position offers the chance to meaningfully impact exploration at a worldclass university and advance your career in advanced education administration.

still, professed at navigating complex organizational dynamics, and suitable to thrive in a fast– paced terrain, If you’re passionate about exploration. The University of Calgary is committed to diversity and equity in the plant, and we drink operations from all good campaigners.

Outline of the Special systems fellow part at University of Calgary

As the Special systems fellow at the University of Calgary, you’ll play an integral part in easing and managing crucial strategic enterprise across the university. Reporting to the Associate Vice President, Advancement, the primary liabilities of this position include


Managing Special systems

You’ll oversee colorful special systems, juggernauts and events that advance the university’s strategic precedence and fundraising pretensions. This includes developing design plans, managing timelines, securing needed coffers and icing effective prosecution and completion. You’ll also cover systems to guarantee they remain on schedule and within budget.

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furnishing Leadership and Guidance

You’ll give leadership, guidance and support to design brigades, panels and levies. This involves easily communicating objects, delegating liabilities, relating pitfalls and challenges, and enforcing results to address any issues. You’ll also motivate and inspire others to achieve design pretensions through your passion for the university and fundraising.

Fostering connections and Collaboration

A crucial part of this part is erecting and maintaining strong connections with faculty, staff, scholars, benefactors and levies across the university. You’ll work nearly with leadership, design brigades and stakeholders to understand requirements, set precedence and gain buy– in. You’ll also foster collaboration between groups to achieve participated pretensions in a coordinated manner.


Event Planning and prosecution

You may be needed to plan and execute colorful special events, fundraising juggernauts, patron stewardship enterprise and recognition programs. This could include organizing venues, feeding, entertainment, transportation, accommodation, audio/ visual outfit and further. You’ll insure all details of the events are strictly arranged to give an exceptional experience for attendees.

The ideal seeker will have a university degree in a applicable field and 5 times of experience in a fundraising, advancement or special design fellow part, rather within a post-secondary institution. You’re a strong prophet and relationship builder with excellent organizational and time operation capacities. You have a proven track record of developing and executing complex systems and events that achieve crucial strategic pretensions.

crucial liabilities and Qualifications for the Position

As the Special systems fellow at the University of Calgary, you’ll play an necessary part in the planning and prosecution of crucial enterprise across lot. This position offers the occasion to gain precious experience in advanced education administration and design operation.

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Key Responsibilities

Your core liabilities will include

Developing and enforcing special systems and events that advance the University’s strategic pretensions. This may include organizing guest lectures, fundraising juggernauts, alumni events, and more.

  • Serving as a liaison between colorful University departments and external mates. You’ll need to effectively communicate with stakeholders to insure systems are completed on time and within budget.
  • Managing design schedules, budgets, coffers, and logistics. Experience creating timelines, securing permits, reserving venues, and handling contracts will be essential.
  • furnishing executive support to the department head and other staff. This can involve tasks like conducting exploration, preparing reports and donations, contending inquiries, and maintaining department records.


To succeed in this part, you’ll need

  • A bachelorette’s degree, rather in business administration, public administration or a affiliated field.
  • At least 2- 3 times of experience as a design fellow, program fellow or in a analogous part, immaculately within advanced education.
  • Excellent organizational, communication and problem working capacities. You must be detail acquainted, suitable to multitask and meet tight deadlines.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office, design operation software and scheduling tools. Experience with fundraising or event planning platforms is an asset.

A passion for the charge and vision of the University of Calgary. You should be committed to supporting a different, indifferent and inclusive lot community.

The Special systems fellow position offers a competitive payment and benefits. However, please submit your capsule and cover letter through our online operation portal, If you meet the qualifications and want to join our platoon. We thank all aspirants for their interest; still, only those named for an interview will be communicated .

How to Apply for the Special systems fellow Job Opening

To apply for the Special systems fellow position at the University of Calgary, please follow the way below

Review the Job advertisement

Precisely review the job posting to understand the position liabilities, qualifications and conditions. Note the crucial duties, education, experience, chops and capacities listed. insure you meet all minimal qualifications before applying.

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Prepare Your Resume

Update your capsule to easily show how your experience, education, chops and accomplishments are a good match for the Special systems fellow part. Emphasize any experience coordinating systems, events or programs. Include crucial achievements and the impacts results of your work.

Address the Webbing Criteria

The webbing criteria relate to the qualifications, experience, knowledge, chops and capacities needed for the position. In your cover letter, give specific exemplifications demonstrating how you meet each webbing criterion. Reference the corresponding section headlines in the job posting for clarity. Explain your applicable experience, accomplishments, education and chops.

Apply Online

Visit the University of Calgary careers website to submit an online operation for the Special systems fellow position. You’ll be needed to give your streamlined capsule and a acclimatized cover letter. You may also need to fill out an operation form with details about your education, experience and references.

Prepare for an Interview

still, review the details of the position and your operation again, If named for an interview. Be ready to give specific exemplifications of your applicable experience and qualifications. Come equipped with a list of thoughtful questions to ask the canvasser to demonstrate your interest and enthusiasm for the part.

Following these crucial way will help insure you submit a strong operation for the Special systems fellow job opening at the University of Calgary


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