Minerva Scholarship Fund 2024 at Leiden University

Leiden University’s Minerva Scholarship Fund continues to be a beacon of support for outstanding students wishing to pursue higher education in the 2024 academic year.
This scholarship program, is named after the ancient goddess Roman Wisdom, Minerva, reflects the university’s commitment to promoting excellence in education and research.


Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Leiden University is renowned not only for its academic and historical heritage, but also for its vibrant international campus.
This prestigious educational institution will open its doors to ambitious international students in 2024 through the Minerva Scholarship Fund (MSF). This program is more than just financial support. It’s your ticket to unparalleled academic opportunities.

What is Minerva Scholarship Fund (MSF)?

  • Host country: Netherlands
  • University: Leiden
  • University Level: Bachelor’s and Master’s programs

Financial benefits:

MSF scholarships aim to reduce the financial burden of international education and provide:

  • Scholarship amount: From 900 euros to 2000 euros Research cost compensation
  • Assistance with international travel
  • Assistance with living expenses

Admission and selection criteria

To qualify for MSF, you must demonstrate:

  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Financial need Demonstration
  • A clearly defined research plan with potential impact
  • A strong motivation to study at Leiden University

Interestingly, it is not necessary to be a member of the L.S.V. Minerva should also apply.

Eligible research areas:

MSF 2024 scholarships cover a wide range of research areas:

  • Medicine/LUMC
  • Humanities
  • Governance and World Affairs
  • Law
  • Archeology
  • Natural Sciences Society and Behavior science


The Leiden University Minerva Scholarship Fund brings many benefits to both recipients and the wider university community. Below are some of the key benefits associated with the scholarship:

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Access to quality education:

The Minerva Scholarship Foundation provides financial assistance to talented individuals who may be facing Financial barriers to accessing higher education.
This allows deserving students to pursue quality education at Leiden University.

Fostering Academic Excellence:

By recognizing and rewarding academic achievement, the scholarship program encourages and promotes a culture of excellence within the university community.
This contributes to the overall reputation and standing of Leiden University.

Promoting diversity and inclusion:

Scholarship programs typically target individuals from diverse backgrounds, thereby promoting an inclusive and diverse student community.
This contributes to a rich learning environment where students can benefit from a variety of perspectives and experiences.

Encourage leadership and community engagement:

The Minerva Scholarship Foundation generally values ​​leadership and community engagement.
In doing so, it not only supports individuals with potential but also encourages a culture of active citizenship and community engagement.

Positive impact on recipient’s career:

Graduates receiving support from the Minerva Scholarship Fund can benefit from enhanced career advancement opportunities.
Recognition of outstanding academic achievement and leadership qualities can have a positive impact on their future prospects in various professional fields.

Contribution to research and innovation:

Many scholarship programs, including Minerva, support students pursuing research-intensive programs.
This support can contribute to progress in various fields, promote innovation and enrich academic knowledge.

Alumni networks and connections:

Scholars are often part of alumni networks.
This network can provide valuable connections, mentoring opportunities, and a sense of community that extends far beyond their studies.

Global reputation and talent attraction:

A well-established scholarship program will enhance a university’s global reputation.
This also makes Leiden University an attractive destination for top talent, both domestic and international.

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Philanthropic and corporate partnerships:

The existence of a strong scholarship fund can attract philanthropic and corporate partnerships.
This partnership can bring additional resources to the university, creating a virtuous cycle of support for future generations of students.

Active public relations and institutional pride:

The Minerva Scholarship Fund contributes to the active public relations of Leiden University.
It highlights the institution’s commitment to education, excellence and social responsibility, fostering a sense of institutional pride among students, faculty and alumni.

How to apply for MSF scholarship 2024?

Application process:

  • Visit the Leiden University Minerva Foundation website.
  • Download and complete the MSF application form.
  • Ensure all required documents are submitted.

Application deadline:

Mark your calendars! The application deadline for the 2024 Minerva Scholarship is April 15, 2024.

Selection Process

  • The award committee (composed of Leiden professors from different disciplines) will evaluate all applications based on predetermined criteria.
    During the evaluation process, attention is paid to the relevance of the research and how it will contribute to the advancement of academic knowledge.
  • You will be notified (maximum) one month after the application deadline if you are awarded a scholarship.

Decisions regarding scholarships cannot be appealed.

Specific information

The Minerva Scholarship Foundation is a registered charity (ANBI) within the meaning of Dutch income tax law. Donations to the fund are tax deductible. Donations must meet certain criteria to qualify for ANBI status.


The Minerva Scholarship Fund aims to provide scholarships for academic and research projects in various fields of study.
MSF especially strives to sponsor special and exclusive student projects abroad.
The Minerva Scholarship Fund is an initiative of the Leiden Minerva Student Association.

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Why choose MSF at Leiden University?

MSF 2024 is more than just financial support; it is a stepping stone to academic excellence.
Leiden University, with its rich intellectual heritage, offers a stimulating environment for students from all over the world.

This scholarship not only eases your financial burden but also connects you to a network of scholars and resources, thereby amplifying your academic journey.

If you dream of pursuing a higher education in Europe, especially at a university that combines a rich history with modern academics, the MSF at Leiden University is an opportunity not to be missed via.


Leiden University’s Minerva Scholarship Fund 2024 continues the University’s tradition of empowering bright minds and nurturing a community of scholars committed to making a positive impact on the world .
Aspiring students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and contribute to the rich academic heritage of Leiden University.


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