Finance Supervisor Role Available in Doha, Qatar

  • Company: Red Castle
  • Employment Type: Full Time
  • Education Level: Bachelor
  • Experience: 4 Years
  • Job Type: Accountant, Finance

As an educated finance professional looking to take the coming step in your career, this occasion as a Finance Supervisor in Doha, Qatar could be ideal for you. Working for a large transnational pot at their indigenous headquarters, you’ll oversee a platoon responsible for fiscal reporting, budgeting, and analysis across several countries in the Gulf region. With at least 8- 10 times of applicable experience, rather in a directorial part, you have a proven track record of driving process advancements, optimizing fiscal workflows, and mentoring inferior platoon members. An account designation and ignorance in English and Arabic would be means for this role. However, this position clearances your consideration, If you’re eager to dislocate to a dutyfree position in the Middle East and gain precious experience at a global leader. Apply moment.


Finance Supervisor Role Overview and liabilities

The Finance Supervisor position offers an instigative leadership occasion in Doha, Qatar. In this part, you’ll oversee the diurnal operations of the finance department, including managing a platoon of finance professionals.

Your core liabilities as the Finance Supervisor will include

  1. Overseeing the diurnal operations of the finance department, including accounts outstanding/ receivable, payroll, budgeting, and fiscal reporting.
  2. Managing a platoon of finance professionals, including accountants, counting clerks, and payroll directors. give guidance and support to insure maximum productivity and high quality work.
  3. Reviewing and approving fiscal statements, budgets, duty forms, accounts outstanding/ receivable, payroll, and other fiscal documents. insure all fiscal data and reports are accurate, complete and biddable with account norms and legal conditions.
  4. relating and enforcing process advancements to increase effectiveness and optimize fiscal workflows. Stay over– to- date with technological and system advancements to influence robotization openings.
  5. structure and managing connections with external mates, including adjudicators, duty accountants, banks, and merchandisers. Serve as the main point of contact for all finance- related matters.
  6. Advising elderly leadership on fiscal opinions by assaying costs and pitfalls. give perceptive recommendations grounded on fiscal data and assiduity trends.
  7. icing the finance department operates immorally and transparently according to established programs, procedures and controls. Uphold high norms of integrity, confidentiality and professionalism.
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To be successful in this part, you’ll have a bachelorette‘s degree in Accounting, Finance or a affiliated field,


as well as 5 times of experience as a Finance Manager or analogous leadership position. You have strong operation capacities, excellent communication chops, and a solid understanding of finance and account principles. The payment for this position is competitive and dependent upon experience.

Ideal seeker Qualifications for Finance Supervisor Position

The ideal seeker for the Finance Supervisor part in Doha, Qatar will have the following qualifications

Applicable Degree and Professional Certification

A bachelorette‘s degree in finance, account, or a affiliated field is needed. Professional instruments similar as a CPA or CMA are preferred.


Significant Experience

A minimum of five to seven times of experience in a finance or account part, with at least two to three times of administrative experience, is demanded. Experience with fiscal reporting, budgeting, auditing, and policy perpetration in a transnational pot is ideal.

Specialized Proficiency

Advanced chops in fiscal software like SAP, Oracle, and Excel are essential. Proficiency with data visualization tools similar as Power BI or Tableau is a plus. Strong logical and problem working chops are necessary to estimate fiscal data and trends.

Leadership capacities

The seeker should demonstrate strong leadership rates to effectively manage a platoon. The capability to delegate liabilities, tutor and develop staff, resoluteness conflicts, and insure departmental objects are met in a timely manner is pivotal.


The administrator must be suitable to acclimatize to changes in nonsupervisory conditions, reporting norms, and company programs. An capability to learn new chops and stay over– to- date with advancements in the field will be vital to success in this part.

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Communication Chops

Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication chops are needed to convey fiscal information easily across all situations of the association. Proficiency in English and Arabic is preferred.

The ideal Finance Supervisor will have a blend of education, experience, leadership, and soft chops to exceed in this position. However, this could be an instigative occasion to take your career to the coming position at a leading association in Qatar, If you meet these qualifications.

Benefits of Living and Working in Doha, Qatar

As a Finance Supervisor in Doha, Qatar, you’ll enjoy an seductive compensation and benefits package. Some of the benefits of living and working in Doha include

dutyFree Income

Qatar doesn’t have income duty for residents. Your entire payment and allowances will be dutyfree, allowing you to maximize your earning eventuality.

Generous Leave

workers in Qatar are entitled to expansive paid leave, including 30 timetable days of periodic paid leave, public leaves, sick leave, motherliness and maternity leave.


Qatar provides highquality healthcare for residents at a low cost. introductory healthcare is free for residents, with options to buy fresh private insurance.


As an aboriginal hand, your accommodation requirements will be met. Rentfree, furnished casing or a casing allowance is generally handed. serviceability are also frequently covered or subsidized.

fresh Allowances

fresh allowances like transportation, children‘s education, and relocation allowances are common for aboriginal workers in Qatar. These help neutralize living costs and ease the transition to living in Doha.

Safety and Security

Qatar is a veritably safe country with a low crime rate. Strict laws and a able police force help insure the security of residents. Qatar also has political stability and strong structure.

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Natural Beauty

Although hot, Qatar’s geography offers natural beauty, with comeuppance, strands and the Persian Gulf bank. Popular conditioning include drift bashing, beachgoing, voyaging and raspberry watching. major castles and the Museum of Islamic Art give artistic lodestones .

With high pay, an seductive benefits package and a safe, comfortable life, the occasion to work as a Finance Supervisor in Doha, Qatar may be veritably charming. The dutyfree income and fresh allowances will allow you to thrive financially in this smart megacity.


As a finance administrator in Doha, you’ll have the occasion to gain precious experience in a fastgrowing frugality. The part offers the chance to develop your leadership capacities and specialized chops in a multilateral terrain. For those looking to progress into elderly finance operation, the expansive liabilities and high visibility of this position will give an excellent platform to showcase your talents.

However, this could be the coming step in your career, If working at the mecca of Qatar’s business community and contributing to the success of a estimable association prayers to you. With an seductive payment and benefits package on offer, this opening represents an instigative new chapter for ambitious finance professionals ready to take their career to the coming position in a dynamic Gulf region. The future is bright in Doha- will you be part of it?


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