Best Hotel Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024

Latest USA Hotel Jobs Free Visa

Hotel Jobs in the USA with Sponsored Visas There are several benefits to working in a hotel in the United States. Meaning that in addition to the excellent compensation you will receive, the job may also be fun for you and offer you chances to network and interact with new people from across the world. To begin your application right away, click the following link.


There are a number of hotel jobs in the USA that can sponsor visas. Hoteliers currently appear to be on the lookout for additional workers to fill unfilled positions due to labor shortages in North American countries as a result of government laws. In this post, we’ve included hotel positions in the USA that can sponsor visas for 2024.

Is it Possible to Find Hotel Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024?

This kind of query is frequently raised by prospective applicants out of curiosity. Yes, it is highly likely that you will be sponsored for a visa and receive a hotel position in the United States by 2024. However, you must first secure a hotel job in order to be authorized to work in the country.
Once more, the employer in need of staff must be willing to hire a foreign worker. The agency or organization will sponsor you if they are truly aware of your circumstances and still want to hire you.

Obtaining a USA visa or getting sponsored for a job demonstrates that you are working for a US-based employer. However, in the United States, hotels looking for labor most typically submit J-1 or H-2B visas, which are both heavily subsidized.

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List of Hotel Jobs in the USA With Visa Sponsorship 2024

The top hotel job listings you could find useful are listed below if you’re seeking US hotel jobs that can give you a supporting visa.

Hotel Assistant Manager

At the Four Seasons hotel in Georgia, this position is required. The assistant manager will be responsible for helping to oversee guest services, telephone calls, front desk supervision, and guest relations, as well as the provision of a wonderful and unforgettable travel experience for guests in the hotel. This is a permanent position that requires full-time work.


The assistant manager is responsible for making sure that the front office registration and cashier operate without a hitch. Ensure a smooth dialogue, provide guidance to the front desk staff, and attend to the requirements and requests of travelers.

Qualifications Needed for this Job Role:

  • A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management.
  • At least three years of experience in a comparable position are required.
  • Personal presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • The capacity to speak multiple languages.
  • To function in the US, one must effectively command the English language.

Bell/Door Attendant

A bell/door attendant position is open at the Four Season Motel in Boston, Massachusetts. The position is permanent, full-time, and includes sponsorship of foreign visitors’ visas.
Important Job Functions:
As a bell/door attendant, it is part of your job responsibility to welcome guests that arrive at the motel in a personal vehicle, limousine, or taxi. You are to welcome them to the hotel by opening the car door for them. Additionally, you are in charge of assisting guests as they exit their vehicles. As a bell/door attendant, you are expected to extend a pleasant welcome to guests who arrive on foot as well.
You are supposed to sell off the luggage from the automobile, identify guests, and provide the visitor declaration tickets, which are additional duties of a door/bell attendant at Four Seasons. Once more, at check-in, you are to guide traffic to the front desk.
By directing tourists’ cars and cabs to the appropriate locations and valet parkers to the beautiful spots, they ensure a clear flow of customers through the drive-through.
Visitors can get directions, tips, and information about the town and its attractions from the bell/door staff.
Knowledge and Skills:
  • Reading, writing, and speaking in the English language are all essential.
  • Use the following link to apply
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